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Nanomech Ultimate Alien

General Information
Species ½ Human
½ Nanochip
DNA source Nanochips
Body Humanoid/Insectoid
Alternate Counterparts Teeny-Weeny
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Bio-Electrokinesis
Size Alteration
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Alex Winter (Alien Swarm)
Greg Cipes (Kevin)
First Appearance Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Nanomech is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nanochip.


Nanomech is about an inch tall at full size. He has grey skin with a green circuit-like design on it. Nanomech possesses green wings as well as one large, green cyclopean-eye. His body is a carbon/silicon-based alloy, and he has triangular feet. He wore the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

From a human-sized perspective, when Nanomech speaks, he has a squeaky high pitched voice, but from anything of his size's perspective, his voice is very deep.

In Omniverse, Nanomech's circuit design is gone, being replaced with a design pushing more to his Alien Swarm design, and the Omnitrix symbol is where his eye was. He has different wings, he speaks with a more robotic tone, but still high-pitched and he has four small eyes around the Omnitrix similar to Stinkfly. His legs have also changed shape. His body also emits a bright green glow that completely surrounds him.

Powers and Abilities

Nanomech turkish 3

Nanomech's bioelectricity and flight

Nanomech has the ability to fly. He is very agile, and his wings glow when he is airborne.

Nanomech can reduce his size, even to microscopic scales. He can return to his original size, but cannot grow any larger.

Nanomech can launch green bioelectrical energy from his hands, ranging in forms from beams to orbs.

Nanomech has the ability to adapt to his opponents. This ability was first confirmed and displayed in Alien Swarm, but has not been looked into since.


Nanomech's size can be a problem if fighting larger opponents. In Inspector 13, this is proven true when Kevin as Nanomech was harmed by a fly swatter.


Alien Swarm

  • Nanomech first appeared in Alien Swarm. Nanomech was unlocked by scanning the Nanochips. Also, Nanomech destroyed the Decoy Queen of the Alien Chip hive. He was used to enter Victor's brain and battle the queen. After a grueling battle, Nanomech destroys the Queen and thus the entirety of the chips, freeing everybody from their control.

Ultimate Alien



Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien



Ben 10: Omniverse


Online Games

  • Ben 10 Alien Force: Alien Attack

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Наномех From the original English name
Chinese 极微人 From 极微 (Jí Wēi), minimum, and (Rén), man
Dutch Nanomech From the original English name
French Nanomech From the original English name
German Nanomech From the original English name
Greek Νανομηχανισμός From νανομηχανισμός, nanomechanism
Hungarian Picuri From pici, small
Polish NanoBen A combination of nano and Ben
Portuguese (BR) Nanomech From the original English name, pronounced Nanomé
Russian Наномеханизм From наномеханизм, nanomechanism
Spanish (HA) Nanomech From the original name
Spanish (Spain) Nanomec From the original English name without the letter h
Swedish Nanomek From the original name including the letter k
Turkish Nanomek From nanomek, Turkish translation of original name


Ben 10: Alien Force/Ben 10: Alien Swarm

  • 4 inch Alien Collection Nanomech (Ben 10: Alien Swarm edition)
  • 4 inch Alien Collection Ben 10: Alien Swarm set #1 - includes: Nanomech (Ben 10: Alien Swarm edition), The Queen and Validus
  • 10 cm DNAlien Nanomech (Ben 10: Alien Swarm edition), Alien Creation Transporter Nanomech, and Ben (silver version from Alien Swarm)
  • Nanomech (Defender)
  • Nanomech (DNA Alien Hero)
  • Nanomech and green Ben (AF (translucent)) in Silver Chamber

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • 4 inch Alien Collection Nanomech
  • Nanomech with mini alien
  • 4 inch Alien Collection Nanomech (version 2)
  • Ben to Nanomech and Heatblast to Upchuck (alter alien)
  • Classic Wildmutt, Nanomech, Spidermonkey Defender and Alien X (Combo Pack)
  • Alien Creation Ultimate Spidermonkey and Nanomech
  • Alien Creation Nanomech and Albedo


  • During the Birthday Bash in Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall, players could get a Nanomech helmet that looked like his live action movie version. But after Ben 10: Ultimate Alien premiered, it changed to match the cartoon version. This item has been re-released as a code item.
  • Kevin states that he can't take Nanomech seriously because of his voice.
  • According to Dwayne, Benchip was Nanomech's working name.
  • According to Inspector 13's technology, Nanomech is an unknown bio-mechanical organism. The Plumber's scanners see him as an unknown bio-mechanical creature. 
  • In the movie, his voice is deeper and sounds robotic, while in the series, he has a high, squeaky voice.
  • Kevin describes Nanomech as "not like anything Ben has turned into before" because Nanomech is part human/part drone and thus makes him a hive mind-based organism (so he is a Human/Nanochip hybrid).
  • Nanomech is the only one of Ben's aliens that is part-human.

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