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General Information
Species Necrofriggian
First Appearance Map of Infinity

Mykdl'dy (Pronounced Mc-dil-ty) is a planet in the Monceros System that is tidally locked with its star.


One side of Mykdl'dy always faces the sun, while the other does not.

The light side is molten hot at 3,600ºF (about 1,982ºC) and the dark side is -320ºF (about -196ºC).

Necrofriggian colonists live there because neither the hot or cold climate affect them. They guard the first quarter of the Map of Infinity in the temple. The temple has a series of traps, preventing people from getting the first quarter of the Map of Infinity, including Cerberus. The visitors must take a guide with them in order to visit the temple.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


The planet's name is a pun on the McDonald's McDLT, famous for coming in two halves, one hot, one cold.

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