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Mutant Seagull

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Mutant Seagull
Mutant seagull
General Information
Species Mutated Seagull
Age Unknown
Affiliations Dr. Animo
Occupation(s) Servant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Sharp Beak
Relatives Unknown
Alias Buzzard Beak (Ditto)
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Divided We Stand

Mutant Seagull is one of the three animals that Dr. Animo mutates in the episode Divided We Stand. It is first animal he mutates and uses in the episode. Before the seagull was mutated, Dr. Animo trained it to bring him the components he needed to build a new Transmodulator, and once he rebuilt the device Animo mutated the seagull and rode away from the prison on it.

Its main use was to capture and keep an eye on Ben, but it was defeated alongside the Mutant Squid by Upgrade.


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