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Mrs. Levin

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Mrs. Levin
Mrs. Levin prof
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Relatives Kevin Levin (son)
Harvey Hackett (separated husband)
Alias Mom (Kevin)
Voice Actor Pamela Adlon
First Appearance Vendetta

Mrs. Levin is the mother of Kevin Levin and the currently separated wife of Harvey Hackett. She is living in Bellwood.


Mrs. Levin is a caucasian woman in her late 30s/early 40s. She has long, black hair and she wears purple jeans and a black, long-sleeved shirt.



Mrs. Levin was married to an unknown man who either left her or died. She bore a son with him, Kevin who is an Osmosian. A few years later she married Harvey Hackett, because she wanted a father figure for her son a decision that would later backfire. Apparently she was also given false memories by Servantis, as Kevin stated that she told Kevin stories about Devin, the made-up Plumber father. She kept the circumstances of Devin's "death" a secret until Ragnarok broke into their house searching for his ship's key while she and Kevin were out of the house.

Ben 10

Mrs. Levin made no appearances during the original series and was only mentioned by Kevin in Kevin 11. When Ben asked Kevin about his family, Kevin responded; "Long gone. They weren't too thrilled having a freak for a son, but it just means I don't answer to nobody".

Alien Force

Mrs. Levin makes her first and only appearance in Vendetta, where it is confirmed that Kevin is living with her and he has a curfew. It is also evident that Kevin strongly loves her, and that she loves him too. She's also portrayed as not being put-off by Kevin's mutation during season three.


Ben 10: Alien Force


  • According to Dwayne McDuffie:
    • Mrs. Levin and Harvey are separated.
    • Gwen has met Mrs. Levin in person and Ben has talked to her on the phone.[1]
    • Mrs. Levin used to read the book The Princess Bride to Kevin.
    • Kevin bought Mrs. Levin a house.
  • Mrs. Levin looks similar to Julie Yamamoto, except that she has longer hair and bigger eyes than Julie, although she doesn't appear to be Japanese-American like Julie is.


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