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The characters and/or events in the storyline depicted in this article have been changed, altered, added to, or erased from the main continuity.

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Louise Dalton
General Information
Species Human
Age unkown
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Plumber
Restaurant Owner
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Plumber weapons
Relatives unkown
Alias Mrs. Dalton
Voice Actor Aloma Wright
First Appearance Ben 10: Race Against Time

Louise Dalton AKA Mrs. Dalton is a semi-retired plumber on Earth, appearing for the first time in Ben 10: Race Against Time. Mrs. Dalton is the owner of the restaurant where Ben goes to grab a bite after school.


Mrs. Dalton appeared in the film Ben 10: Race Against Time, when first Ben goes to eat.

Mrs. Dalton as Plumber
Dr. DementorAdded by Dr. Dementor

Later in the film she is seen with other inhabitants of the city, revealed to be semi-retired as a plumber. She then helps fight Eon and works with Edward White for most of the fight.

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