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Mot Snikrep

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Mot Snikrep
Gullet render
General Information
Residence Null Void
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Sharp Teeth
Enhanced Durability
First Appearance Ken 10

Mot Snikrep is a villain that appeared in Ken 10, briefly battling Ben 10,000 and Ken. He was sent to the Null Void by Ben 10,000 using a Null Void Grenade.


Mot Snikrep's mouth is somewhat similar to that of a Vulpimancer and a Null Guardian, only larger and red-colored. His upper arm area is buff, he also has yellow bulbs on the sides of each arm. On the lower arm area, he seems to be not as buff, and has gauntlets with little orbs at each knuckle. His mouth comprises most of his chest, with his head being triangular with two small, yellow eyes. He has a tail, and metallic pants with legs, that resemble that of a Vaxasaurian, with red frills on each end and red toenails.


Ben 10


Mot Snikrep's name is "Tom Perkins" backwards, which is referencing his designer, Thomas Perkins.


  • Mot Snikrep was designed by Thomas Perkins.
  • Thomas Perkins called the alien Gullet on the turnaround of the character, but the Trivia Marathon listed his name as Mot Snikrep.
  • Mot Snikrep's design was one of the prototypes of Perk Upchuck, like Sploot.
  • A member of Mot Snikrep's species appears on Incarcecon in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.
  • Mot Snikrep greatly resembles Plasmus from Teen Titans. Both are giant monsters that are reddish in color, have a large jaw, and possess numerous bulbous structures at the top of their bodies.

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