The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth. It can mostly be seen during the night.

Main Timeline

Moon ultimate enemy

The Moon in Ultimate Alien

In The Return, it is mentioned that Max was intended to be the first man on the Moon, but Neil Armstrong traveled there instead.

In Birds of a Feather, an Intergalactic Communications Station on the Moon is revealed to be inhabited by Lu, and used a crystal as a power source.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors

Paradox's Failure Timeline

Paradox screenshort152

The Moon in the Paradox's Failure Timeline

During Paradox, Paradox travels with the team to a possible timeline's future moon to show the gang what Earth would look like if he did not stop the time-traveling creature.

Notable Visitors

Cosmic Destruction Timeline

Multiple choice screen

The Moon seen from Earth in the Cosmic Destruction Timeline

Lu in cd

Lu on the Moon in the Cosmic Destruction

At the end of Cosmic Destruction, Albedo in his Evil Way Big form is knocked by Way Big into space, reverting him to human upon landing on the surface of the Moon. After cursing Ben, Albedo is attacked by Lu.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors