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Michael Morningstar is an actor who first appeared in Bright Lights, Black Hearts. He feeds on the life force of people.


He looks like a young teen with blonde hair. He wears a grey sweater and white pants. He has dark brown eyes and brown eyebrows. However, in his powered-up form, his hair resembles lightning bolts, his skin glows gold, and his eyes are blank yellow.

In his Drained form, his hair is now in scraggly patches, his skin is now charcoal-gray, and his eyes are a dull yellow with black irises.


Michael is extremely vain, power hungry and egomaniacal.


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Powers and Abilities

Morningstar feeding

Michael draining energy from his fans.

He has the ability to drain life force from living beings when they start admiring him. The more life force energy he drains from others the more powerful he becomes. He can fire energy beams, has enhanced strength capable of keeping up with Heatblast, create energy shields, and fly when he absorbs enough of energy.


When people stop admiring him he loses his powers as he is no longer able to feed on them.


Ben 10


  • Michael Morningstar is an actor. He uses this profession to have people admire him so he can feed on them.
  • He has survived for hundreds of years due to draining life force out of his admirers.
  • By appearance, he is notably younger compared to his original counterpart, just like Frightwig. But at the same time, he is also much older than his original counterpart, being a literal energy vampire who has lived for hundreds of years.
  • His action figure appears in Bentuition: Heatblast 02.

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