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Mwhaa!! Welcome to my Message Wall! I'm a admin and bureaucrat here and you can leave me a message about any topics relating to either Ben 10 or the Wiki, I also allow random chatter, as long it does not get annoying. Also, reading this message costs 1 pie. PS: This message will cause 999999 viruses and will stick to your computer forever. Enjoy!
Welcome to Mazter's talk page
Hi person! I am a Administrator and a Bureaucrat, meaning I have a lot of access to tools to help this wiki. This is my talk page. Please leave a message if you need to, no spam or vandalism please. I also run a bot.

Welcome to TheBen10Mazter's Message Wall

Hello there and welcome to my Message Wall! I'm an Administrator on this wiki, so I have the ability to delete pages, block users, protect and edit protected page, edit special menus, update community messages, and use theme designer. I'm also a Bureaucrat (highest right here, not including Staff or global rights), so i can make anyone a admin, bureaucrat, chatmod, rollback, and banned from chat. I can revoke any of these rights except bureacracy. If you have a problem with another user, need a page protected, or wish to have something deleted, you can ask me on my message wall page. If I'm not available, you may wish to contact another Admin. Also, I am not Wikia Staff, please do not contact me for any staff requests (e.g: CheckUser requests, closing a wiki, global blocking, other wiki vandalism/spam, business contact, etc.) Leave me a message if you need my assistance or anything you need to message me about.

If i blocked you- please go to your talk page and try to communicate with me or you can go to my Realm to reach me and we can discuss the block.

If i gave you a warning- Please follow the warning or not following it may result in a block.

I will check this wiki everyday to make sure this wiki stays its best!

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