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Story Books

Episodes adapted to a book.

Ben 10

Book Adapts MSRP ($US) Retailers
And Then There Were 10 AND Kevin 11 (Ben 10)
And Then There Were 10
Kevin 11
$4.99 Unavailable
The Alliance AND Secrets (Ben 10)
The Alliance
$4.99 Unavailable
Truth and Framed (Ben 10)
$4.99 Unavailable
Galactic Enforcers and the Ultimate Weapon (Ben 10)
The Galactic Enforcers
Ultimate Weapon
$4.99 Unavailable

Ben 10: Alien Force

Book Adapts MSRP ($US) Retailers
Ben 10 Returns Pt
Ben 10 Returns: Part 1
Ben 10 Returns: Part 2
The Gauntlet AND Be-knighted (Ben 10 Alien Force)
The Gauntlet
$4.99 Unavailable
All That Glitters AND Max Out (Ben 10 Alien Force Storybooks)
All That Glitters
Max Out
$4.99 Unavailable
Paradox AND Plumbers' Helpers (Ben 10 Alien Force Storybooks)
Professor Paradox
Plumbers' Helpers
$4.99 Unavailable
Ben 10: Alien Swarm $4.99 Unavailable

Chapter Books

Books Featuring Original storylines.

Ben 10: Alien Force

Book Title Description MSRP ($US) Retailers
Ben's Knightmare (Ben 10 Alien Force Story Books)
Ben's Knightmare When Kevin's love for alien-tech turns Ben's girlfriend into a lizard. Ben and Kevin need to get help from the Forever Knights to change Julie back to normal or it's lizard girlfriend forever! $3.99
War of the Worlds (Ben 10 Alien Force Chapter Books (Mass Market))
War of the worlds Chapter book one is based on the season 2 finale of the hit show, "War of the Worlds." The alien invasion is here at last—and it's up to Ben to save the earth. $5.99
Triple Threat (Ben 10 Alien Force Story Books)
Triple threat Plumbers' helpers Manny, Helen, and Pierce have always been a little envious of the respect Grandpa Max shows to Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Now they're determined to prove they can be just as successful as the three teens. Which team will be first to deactivate an alien spy transmitter? The race is on! $3.99
The Dark of Knight (Ben 10 Alien Force Story Books)
The Dark of Knight Ben's longtime enemies, the Forever Knights, have uncovered a highly unusual artifact - one that can strip Ben of all his powers. Ben, Gwen and Kevin are determined to investigate. After all, they can't let it fall into the wrong hands. Their quest leads them to the Forever King, a bold new leader with a terrifying vision. Can the three teens stop him? Or are they falling straight into a trap? $4.99
Double Negative (Ben 10 Alien Force Chapter Books (Mass Market))
Double Negative Ben's been acting a little funny lately. Suddenly, he's acing all his math and physics tests, and he's a little too his chili-cheese fries. Gwen and Kevin don't think much of it until they catch him sneaking around Plumber's headquarters at night.

Turns out an impostor has taken Ben's place, an it's none other than Albedo. Albedo has tried to steal the Omnitrix before and failed. But this time is different. Someone powerful is backing him. And if Albedo knows what happened to the real Ben and the real Omnitrix, he's not telling....

$4.99 Unavailable

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Book Title Description MSRP ($US) Retailers
Galaxy Wars (Ben 10 Alien Force Chapter Books (Mass Market))
Galaxy Wars When Cooper hacks into what he thinks is an alien video game, he actually starts an inter-galactic war between two peace-loving planets. One of the aliens comes to Ben requesting his help. So Ben, Gwen, and Kevin take to space to try to stop the war. Unfortunately, neither side is willing to listen to reason. So Ben and his friends race to trick the two leaders into talking together before one of the sides deploys a weapon that can't be stopped. In the end, Cooper saves the day by transporting himself across space using alien technology and stopping the ultimate weapon's countdown. $4.99
Chill for a Day (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien)
Chill for a Day When Ben gets stuck in an Ultimate Alien form, chaos breaks loose! When Ben as the Ultimate Big Chill decides to take on a mysterious alien alone one night, the alien throws chemicals at him and gets away. The Ultimate Big Chill tries to transform back into Ben, but he can't-he's stuck! With a looming chemistry test and a strange alien to catch, Ben can't take a day off. He has to go to school in alien form to take his test and look for the alien between classes. Luckily, the alien turns out to be a good guy who just needed a sample of Earth water and Ben is able to change back by using some other chemicals! $4.99 Unavailable
Science Friction (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien)
Science Friction Cooper drags Ben, Gwen, and Kevin Kevin to the annual Sci-Fi convention, a big attraction for comic book geeks everywhere. No one, except Cooper, is that excited about it until a movie prop turns out to be real alien tech and spews out an army of mini-aliens! Ben has to change forms rapidly to try to stop the little aliens while Kevin and Cooper work to trun the machine off. They manage to save the convention and the crowd just thinks the whole thing was a movie promotion! $3.99

Comic Books

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