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Buzzshock and the Megawhatts
General Information
Home World Nosedeen Quasar
Body Humanoid Battery
Powers and abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Electric Absorption
Electric Redirection
Sonic Scream
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Self Duplication (with enough power or when cut in half)
Electrical Device Inhabitation and Control
First Appearance Tourist Trap

Nosedeenians, commonly known as Megawhatts, are mischievous little creatures composed of electrical energy who have the physical form of anthropomorphic batteries. They come from the Nosedeen Quasar.



Nosedeenians in the original series

Nosedeenians are black and yellow, white or (in the case of Ben's transformation) green, with plus and minus symbols on their back (+ and -), similar to a battery, and they have a lightning bolt-shaped marking on their chest. They stand roughly a foot tall, have pointy legs, and have three fingers on each hand.


Nosedeenians exist to have "fun," which in their case is to cause trouble wherever they go. While they cause a lot of damage, Nosedeenians do not seem to be evil, and in fact are not openly hostile to humans, merely lacking any self-control or sense of the danger they may be causing.

Nosedeenians will openly attack if they are provoked.

The Nosedeenian language consists of a series of high-pitched squeaking and chirping noises.

Powers and Abilities


Nosedeenians taking over a planetarium

Undertown Generator

Undertown Generator powered by the Nosedeenians

Nosedeenians can control electricity and can inhabit electrical devices, controlling them from the inside.

Nosedeenians grow stronger by absorbing electricity and can multiply if split in half, or if they have enough power. It should be noted that when the one Ben first encountered split, both it and its clone seemed to be surprised, as if they didn't know they were capable of doing it.

Nosedeenians are surprisingly strong for their size, as just one was able to lift Max, who is many times its size, into the air by his underwear and gave him a flying wedgie.

Another notable ability is that the noises Nosedeenians normally use to communicate with, at a certain pitch and volume, can be used as a sonic scream which can shatter glass, however they were only seen doing this as a large group.


Being made from electrical energy, Nosedeenians are weak against things that ground it (water being a chief example), and they are powerless against insulators. They are also vulnerable to those who can absorb electricity, like Conductoids or Phil.

After their energy is drained, they fall asleep.

Notable Nosedeenians


  • In A Jolt from the Past, Rook is the first to refer to these aliens as Nosedeenians. Prior to this, the Nosedeenians were known as Megawhatts.
  • As of A Jolt From The Past, Undertown is, at least partly, powered by a volunteer group of Nosedeenians who were freed from imprisonment by Ben and Rook
  • There are some Nosedeenians in the web game Wrath of Psychobos.

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