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The Megacruser
General Information
User Slix Vigma (formerly)
Kevin Levin (formerly)
Type Spaceship
First Appearance Grudge Match

The Megacruiser is a very advanced spaceship that belonged to Slix Vigma.


Slix Vigma would kidnap people from their home planets and teleport them onto his ship, where they would be forced to fight in gladiator-like battles for the entertainment of the each Galaxy the Megacruiser went. To keep its prisoners in line, they are outfitted with electric badges that shock them if there is any hint of rebellion. The ship is incredibly large and capable of carrying up thousands of people, including spectators and fighters.

At the conclusion of Grudge Match, Ben left Kevin on the ship while he escaped. In Back with a Vengeance, it is revealed that Kevin took control of the ship and has used it for his own purposes. He located Vilgax with it, and, after a brief skirmish, the two villains made a temporary alliance against Ben and used the ship to return to Earth. It is unknown what happened to it then.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Fighters

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