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Mechamorph Armor

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Mechamorph Armor
DAA Retaliator 013
General Information
Creator Azmuth
User Retaliator
Type Body Armor
Voice Actor Steve Blum
First Appearance Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

The Mechamorph Armor is an invention created by Azmuth based on his other creations and used by his father, Retaliator in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.


The Mechamorph Armor wraps around the user and transforms them into a blue Galvanic Mechamorph, which can convert into a more armor-like form in combat. The weapons and functions of the Mechamorph Armor include:

  • Laser blasters and missiles
  • Booster rockets in the feet for self-propelled flight
  • Enhanced strength
  • Ability to merge with any technology and repair it.
  • Upgrade technology
  • Teleportation


Ben 10


DAA Azmuth 009

Azmuth with his armor in cube form

  • Azmuth stated that the armor has one flaw: it pumps up the user's aggression, turning them into a single-minded weapon of destruction, which is why he warned his father to stay away from it.
  • According to Gwen, Azmuth used the armor not as weapon, but as a toolkit.
  • The flaw of pumping up the user's aggression is similar to the Venom Symbiote from Spider-Man in Marvel Comics.
  • Vilgax and Albedo used Malware's remains to create a more dangerous version of The Mechamorph Armor.

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