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Mayor of Sparksville
General Information
Species Human
Occupation(s) Mayor
Powers and Abilities
Alias Mayor of Sparksville
Voice Actor Dwight Schultz
First Appearance Tourist Trap

Earl was the Mayor of Sparksville who appeared in Tourist Trap. He (as well as the rest of the residents of Sparksville) is aware of the existence of the alien species, Megawhatt. However he scoffs at the idea that they're aliens (stating apatheticly "Well, that just plain cooky talk." when it is suggested by Gwen), instead theorising that they're either "lightning come to life" or "static cling run a muck". However, he appears quite knowledgeable about them. After the Megawatt escaped from his rubberband ball prison, he tasks the Tennysons with recapturing them (as Ben was the one who accidentally released them). Ben manages to recapture them in the world's largest fishbowl adapted into a makeshift prison. The mayor has it converted into a light bulb, to replace the "World's largest rubberband ball" with the town's newest attraction "World's largest light bulb."


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