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Mayor Coleman

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Mayor Coleman
Mayor Coleman
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Walton
Occupation(s) Mayor
Voice Actor Brian George
First Appearance Fool's Gold

Mayor Coleman is the mayor of the town of Walton, where little goat humanoid aliens come every 17 years for spring break.


He wears a white suit with a black tie and hair.


Mayor Coleman has been shown to be a greedy man as he forces the aliens to eat in order to make gold, regardless of the consequences.


During the popcorn festival he kidnapped Decka, planning on having him excrete enough gold to repay his gambling debts. Coleman later fed him meat when he refused to eat popcorn, unintentionally causing Decka to transform into his primal form and go on a rampage. When Ben stopped and returned Decka to normal, Coleman was tied up and arrested.


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