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Anodite kiss

Max's and Verdona's first kiss

Max Tennyson and Verdona are one of the couples in the franchise.



In Moonstruck, Max tells Ben and Gwen the story of how he met Verdona. When Max was to finally go to the moon he met Verdona in a cafe. Suddenly a Synthroid attacked the cafe, revealing that he has come to take away Verdona. Max and Verdona fled and started to hide. However, the Synthroid was able to find and beat Max and he took away Verdona. Using his telepathic connection with Verdona he was able to locate and rescue her and Magister Labrid, who had came to arrest the Synthroid. The Synthroid was destroyed and the bracelet that prevented Verdona from using her mana powers fell of. Revealing her true form, she asked Max whether he would go with her back to Anodyne. However Max declined, and with a kiss, they parted. At the end of the episode it was hinted that they met again.

Alien Force

In What Are Little Girls Made Of?, believing that Max had passed away, Verdona returned to Earth for old time's sake, and to remember all the fun times she had with Max. Ben, Kevin, and Gwen were suspicious when they saw Verdona at Max's secret fishing lodge, and began to fight with her. When Gwen hit her with an energy blast, she was extremely surprised and realized Gwen was an Anodite just like her. Gwen then told her that Max was her grandfather, and Verdona then realized that Ben and Gwen were her grandchildren. Verdona explained to Gwen that she had inherited her powers from her, and there was no such thing as magic. Instead, what Gwen called magic was actually mana/life energy. Verdona tried to persuade Gwen to come to Anodyne to master her powers and abilities, but Gwen refused and stayed on Earth with Ben and Kevin. Verdona also said that she would return to check up on Gwen and see how she's doing, and she did in Girl Trouble.


  • Verdona loved Max for his adventurous and rebellious nature, stating he was similar to Kevin.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, even though Max and Verdona had children, they were never married.