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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
Max Tennyson
Keys of Plumbers Base
General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Sun Gun
Relatives Ben Tennyson (grandson)
Gwen Tennyson (granddaughter)
Alias Grampa Max
Alternate Counterparts Max Tennyson (Main Timeline)

Max Tennyson (Ben 10,000 Timeline)
Max Tennyson (Race Against Time Timeline)
Max Tennyson (Vilgax Attacks Timeline)
Max Tennyson (Dimension 23)

Voice Actor Paul Eding
First Appearance Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Max Tennyson is an alternate version of Max who appears in Ben 10: Protector of Earth.

Protector of Earth

Max helps Ben in his travel around the country. He accesses to Plumber base in Mt. Rushmore and later defeats Zs'Skayr with a sun gun.

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