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General Information
Affiliations Plumbers
Magister Plumbers
Plumber Command
Occupation(s) Plumber Leader
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Hovering Platform
Alias Maggie (Magister Patelliday)
Voice Actor Juliet Landau
First Appearance Weapon XI: Part 2

The Magistrata is the leader and head of the entire Plumber Organization.


She is tall and slim and has cyan skin. Instead of hair, she has four short tentacles with brown spots. She wears the same headband as Scout. She has wrinkled, dark green lips, no nose and yellow eyes. Her Plumber Suit looks similar to what regular Plumbers wear, but her badge gives the impression of a ribbon. She also has a small skirt on her pants and a coat that covers her legs.


She was first mentioned in The Rooters of All Evil.

She makes her first physical appearance in Weapon XI: Part 2, when she was notified of the Rooters experiments in direct violation of the Plumber mission in their terrible acts. She had their Plumber commission's revoked, leaving them stranded in the Null Void with their base confiscated in a recall order.

Powers and Abilities

The Magistrata has yet to show any special powers or abilities that is inherent to her species. As the supreme commander of the Plumbers, she has the final say in all matters concerning the organization and she is literally the big boss in the organization. She is considered the highest authority and every Plumber is answerable to her. 


Ben 10: Omniverse

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Polish Nadszefowa From nad, above and szefowa female boss
Portuguese (Br) Gran-Mestra From gran, grande and mestra, mistress
Spanish (HA) Magistrata From the original English name


  • The male Magistrata is called a Magistratus.
  • When retiring, the current Magistrata/Magistratus, together with a conclave of high-ranking Plumbers, appoints a new leader.[1]


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