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Magister Korwak

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General Information
Affiliations Plumbers Academy
Occupation(s) Magister Ranked Plumber
Captain of the Plumber Academy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Plumber Training
Equipment Plumber Suit
Alias Magister Korwak
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance The Enemy of My Enemy

Korwak is the captain of the Plumbers Academy.


Korwak is shown to take great pride of his cadets and was not willing for them to be in the line of fire as they are not ready for it and they are rookies as he's greatly concerned of their safety.

Korwak doesn't want his academy to be turned into a war zone considering it only a place of learning.


Ultimate Alien

Korwak first appeared in The Enemy of My Enemy. Korwak becomes annoyed about Ben bringing Argit to the academy and luring Ultimate Kevin as he spoke to him in his office. He assisted Ben to help stop Ultimate Kevin and he also knows what goes on in the academy as he knew Argit had assaulted two of his cadets and appears quite knowledgeable about Argit's 14 warrants for his arrest so in the end he ordered the Vreedle Brothers to lock him up.


Ultimate Alien


  • Korwak's name is based on the Mohawk hairstyle.
  • Korwak is very similar to the Plumber from Ultimate Aggregor except that he has more wrinkles, lighter green skin and hair.
  • Korwak knows Max Tennyson and has great respect for him.

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