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Magister Hulka

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Magister Hulca
General Information
Affiliations Plumbers
Plumber Academy
Occupation(s) Magister Ranked Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Plumber Training
Equipment Plumber Suit
Alias Magister Hulka
Grouchy McRule Book (Ben)
Voice Actor Miguel Ferrer
First Appearance Basic Training

Magister Hulka is an instructor at the Plumbers' Academy and the only Plumber more honored and decorated than Max.


Hulka has a pink face and a strong built body and what appears to be a metal implant on the right side of his head.


Hulka's personality and demeanor is akin to that of a harsh drill sergeant, but he genuinely cares about his cadets. He was willing to sacrifice himself for Tack and he did not tell his cadets about Kolar because he did not want in a dangerous situation because, like Magister Korwak, he doesn't want them in the line of fire when they are not ready for it.

Powers and Abilities

Hulka appears to have enhanced strength, given he has pushed Kolar right across a room.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • Hulka's name is a take on Sgt. Hulka from the movie Stripes.
  • Hulka is known as the meanest and toughest Plumber in the service.
  • Even though Hulka claims to hate cadets who improvise, one of his medals that he wears and later gives to Ben, turns out to be an award for doing so in the field.
  • Hulka is similar to Green Lantern Kilowog, due to the fact that they are both instructors of their respective organizations.

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