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Magic Absorption

Magic is a supernatural ability to affect matter and energy itself by using a vast variety of spells, charms, incantations, hexes, jinxes, curses, enchantments, mana or rituals at their disposal.


Certain Humans can be taught to use magic. Magic is delivered from a supernatural force-like substance called mana (which can also be referred to as other names such as life energy, chakra, chi or quintessence).

Some beings, like Anodites, are energy beings who are literally made of pure mana and have the immensely powerful capability to control and manipulate magic and mana in all of its existing forms. Anodites are much stronger, much more powerful than a normal master magician would be. For example, Gwen can use the powerful spells in the Archamada Book of Spells, whereas Hex, a master magician, cannot do so without the requirement of all of the Charms of Bezel. Other creatures, such as the Geochelone Aerio, have a natural affinity for Mana. So powerful is this natural ability, that not only are immune to being harmed by Mana, that enough of the energy can empower them, altering their very being, as is the case with the former ruler of Ledgerdomain, Adwaita.

Charmcaster explains that magic isn't as tough as it seems. It is mostly just knowing the secret true names of things. Names are power in learning magic.


  • The Alpha Rune
  • Active Charms of Bezel.
  • Archamada Book of Spells

There are countless variety of magical mystical artifacts, charms and talismans that can help a sorcerer or sorceress fully control his or her magical powers. Such as Charmcaster's small waist bag in which she can put anything she wants or Hex´s mystical staff which only a master magician can use.

Other stronger tools are the Charms of Bezel which exist of five charms: Probability, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Reincarnation, and Electrokinesis, not forgetting the Alpha Rune which holds the secret true name of magic.

The Alpha Rune is the strongest magical tool that existed; its real form is a part of the Map of Infinity. Whoever wears it has power over magic itself, and has the power to control all those within Ledgerdomain.

It is confirmed that magic is the manipulation of energy, and technology is just another way to control the process.[1] Ascalon is an example of that kind of technology and it is proven in Enemy of My Frenemy.

Magic Spells and Incantations

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There are numerous and countless magic spells that have been used throughout the series that have been supportive. Most spells have to be spoken loudly in order to be done while some spells can be said non-verbally and still take effect. There are all spells of different types such as; defensive, offensive, supportive, elemental, transportation, summonings and simple assistances.

Known Users of Magic


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