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Lieutenant Steel



General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations SECT
Area 51
Occupation(s) SACT/SECT Agent
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Armor
Various weapons and equipment
Voice Actor Michael Gough (Original Series)
Yuri Lowenthal (Omniverse)
First Appearance Framed

Lieutenant Steel is a black-ops operative who is the head of SECT. He first appeared in Framed.


In the Original Series, Steel had a buzzcut, with a long scar on his face. He wore a black shirt with two straps, carrying guns in the pockets. In addition, he wore a belt with pouches. He had grey pants.

In Omniverse, he has a flipped-up hairstyle, with dotted eyes. His eyebrows are black now. His scar is wider and more visible. He wears a blue shirt with overalls that show the SECT symbol.


Lieutenant Steel is very authoritative, and his men fear him enough to know not to go against any direct order from him.



Prior to his first appearance, Lieutenant Steel had had many encounters with Kevin, who was posing as the Omnitrix aliens at the time. Steel and the Special Alien Containment Team were chasing after Kevin, as well as the Omnitrix aliens, across the country.

Ben 10

He first appears in Framed. When the chase is brought back to Ben after Kevin strands Ben (as Diamondhead) holding the cash that the SACT and Steel are led to believe Diamondhead was the thief. Steel proceeds to follow Ben and team with the utmost suspicion that they are harboring the aliens. He ends up saving Ben (as Four Arms) from Kevin while in his mutant form. Steel returns the favor by first having his troops fire on Kevin, saving Ben's life, and by letting him go free instead of having his men attempt to take him down, too.

He reappears in a dream in Perfect Day during the Forever Knights' attempt to remove the Omnitrix by trapping Ben in a perfect dream world, in which a false Steel arrives and tries to convince Ben that the real Gwen and Grandpa Max are Limax sent by Vilgax. When the illusion is exposed by a flaw Gwen points out in Vilgax's personality, Steel transforms into Enoch.


In Animo Crackers, Steel is in charge of escorting the A.R.C. project. He and his forces are attacked by both Animos and their mutant rides enroute; then he receives a call from Ben Tennyson. He mentions that he hasn't heard from Ben in years.


Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • He is similar to the character of Colonel Roderick Decker from the second to third season of The A-Team.
    • He is also similar to Captain Calan from Generator Rex, with the only difference being the hair style.
    • He is also similar to Jon Ace from Monsuno. He also slightly resembles Jon Ace, more so in the original series.

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