Lepidopterra is the home planet of the Lepidopterrans and Buglizards.


With its advanced and highly specialized ecosystem, Lepidopterra is a generally peaceful swamp planet whose numerous species live among a fantastic variety of giant plants.


Residing in a complex of giant hives each ruled by its own queen, Lepidopterrans are the predominant inhabitants on Lepidopterra.

Life on Lepidopterra is seasonal and every species does its part to make sure the flora continues to produce its fruit so that all can live together in harmony as they have for countless years.


Lepidopterra first appeared in a flashback in Of Predators and Prey: Part 2, where Khyber was battling a Buglizard and scanned it's DNA for the Nemetrix.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


The name comes from the Lepidoptera class of insects, and the term "terra," meaning land.