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Lackno light
General Information
Species Kraaho
Residence Undertown, Earth
Affiliations Seebik
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Elasticity
Enhanced Strength
Heat Resistance
Voice Actor Eric Bauza
First Appearance Hot Stretch

Lackno is a Kraaho who first appeared in Hot Stretch.


Since he is a Kraaho he has purple skin, light blue eyebrows and dark violet stripes on his face. However, he doesn’t look like a regular Kraaho, he is fatter, has a smaller chin, has four stripes on his face instead of two and his nose is more human-like. He has a hat with big flaps. He wears a jacket which is made from two different colored leather. He has a hoodie which is made of white fur and has light brown fangs coming out of it. He has orange gloves and a black belt with three purple pockets.


Lackno feels cold more than any other Kraaho, to the point that he got frostbite in Bellwood (in summer). Seebik gets irritated by his "how cold it is" jokes. After Seebik yelled at him this, he reluctantly stopped with the jokes.


Lackno, unlike the other Kraaho is not a fighter or a thief. His position in the society is unclear but he seemed to be close to Seebik. After, the Kraaho got the Fusion Engine and made lava coming up from the Earth’s core he thanked Seebik to turn their home from a wasteland into an oasis. At the end of the episode, he accepted Ester as a his new leader and supported the co-existence with Undertown.


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