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Kwarrel full
General Information
Residence Null Void Incarcecon
Age Unknown (deceased)
Affiliations Kevin Levin
Occupation(s) Prisoner
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson
First Appearance ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Kwarrel was a prisoner on Incarcecon that got Kevin out of his first mutation. He also taught him how to absorb matter rather than energy.


Kwarrel resembles a big grey muscular human with a big mustache and pointed ears and a scar running across his right eye.

Powers and Abilities

Kwarrel has no known abilities except he appears to be very strong as he was able to throw Kevin 11. He seems knowledgeable about Osmosians as he teaches Kevin how to absorb matter.


Kwarrrel and Kevin

Kwarrel and Kevin during flashback

Kwarrel was a prisoner of Incarcecon, but besides being a criminal, seemed to have a calm, observant and mentor-like nature to him, as he took Kevin under his wing while he was trapped in his first mutation. While teaching him how to absorb matter, the two bonded, becoming close in a similar 'father-son' type way (due to Kevin not growing up with an effective father figure, this seems likely to be the reason why Kevin was able to bond with Kwarrel easily). During a riot within the prison, Kwarrel and Kevin were caught by Morgg. Kwarrel was willing to give up his life so Kevin could escape Incarcecon and have a future. A selfless gesture of kindness, which Kevin would learn from as he grew up, influencing him as he turned from criminal to hero.


Kwarrel appears in 2 flashbacks in ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage. He seemed to have great knowledge about Osmosians and their powers as he was able to teach Kevin how to use his powers better. According to Dwayne McDuffie, "Kwarrel lived a very full life and knew a lot of things".

He had been digging a secret hole underground for years to get out of the Incarcecon and invited Kevin to come along with him. Morgg was waiting for them, but Kwarrel held him off. He dropped his gun near Kevin, but Kevin was too scared to fire it. Kwarrel urged Kevin to escape, and Kevin ran. Kwarrel then got shot by Morgg, and died.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Ironically, Kwarrel's name sounds like the word quarrel, which means to argue or fight, yet Kwarrel has a calm and laidback attitude and from descriptions seems to keep peace among the prisoners.


  • What crime Kwarrel committed to end up in the Null Void is unrevealed. When asked in the forum, Dwayne McDuffie refused to reveal it but hinted that "it was bad".

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