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This article is about the cryptid that appeared in Omniverse. You might have been looking for The Krakken, an episode from the original series, or Krakken (Original Series), the cryptid that appeared in the original series.
Krakken ov
General Information
Species Krakken
Residence Earth
Affiliations Captain Kork
Isosceles Right Triangle Vreedle
Occupation(s) Guard
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Underwater Respiration
Sharp Teeth
First Appearance Gone Fishin'

This Krakken first appeared in Gone Fishin'.


In Gone Fishin', it was being used as a guard dog by Captain Kork and attacked Ben, Max and Rook. Ben tricked it into eating him as Crashhopper, whereupon he bounced around its insides, thereby defeating it and making it spit him up.

It reappeared in Vreedlemania, where it tried to steal a pot of food from the Vreedles, only to be tamed by Sceles Vreedle. Sceles later has it attack Ben, but Ma Vreedle throws it back into the water when the attack threatens Sandra Tennyson.


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