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The Kraaho are a species of hot blooded tungsten-based aliens who first appeared in Hot Stretch.


Kraaho are light bluish purple-skinned humanoids with big white eyebrows and purple hair.

The Kraaho's style of clothing and culture appears to be based on Inuit tradition.


Male Kraaho can reproduce with female humans.

Powers and Abilities

Kraaho are able to stretch their limbs to incredible distances.

Kraaho are shown to be agile and to possess incredible strength.

They are highly heat resistant and are capable of interacting with objects hot enough to melt concrete.

Kraaho Hybrids

Kraaho/Human hybrids have a higher tolerance to low temperatures; Earth temperatures are only "nippy" to them.


Kraaho are from an immensely hot planet. Due to this, Earth is frigid to them, even at temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degree Celsius).

Their elasticity can be used against them, as Kraaho can be tied up with their own arms during combat, rendering them incapacitated.

Notable Kraaho

Notable Kraaho Hybrids

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