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Kraab AF
General Information
Species Piscciss Premann
Age Unknown
Affiliations Vilgax
Occupation(s) Bounty Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Strong Pincers
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Gas Ejection
Equipment Protoplasm Freezing Spray
Alias Clawboy (Ghostfreak)
Voice Actor Billy West (original series)
Jeff Bennett (Alien Force)
Dee Bradley Baker (Omniverse)
First Appearance Hunted

"You can say that again. A rock pile like this is better off space dust." -Kraab to Sixsix, referring to Earth.

Kraab is a cybernetically-enhanced Piscciss Premann and was one of three alien bounty hunters sent by Vilgax to retrieve the Omnitrix from Ben.

Kraab was a veteran of the Pyros-Piscciss war, during which he suffered severe injuries, resulting in him having mechanical parts implanted in his damaged body. 95% of his body is now mechanical and 5% is Piscciss Premann.


Kraab 012
Kraab in the original series

Kraab has goldish brown-colored armor (although in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction it was a red and orange color), a sideways mouth, four scythe-like legs and a large, powerful pincer for a left hand. Within the pincer is a power blaster combined with a chemical sprayer. He can use his legs to burrow under the ground. When he goes underground he pulls his head down, making his neck disappear. He resembles a fiddler crab.

In Omniverse his design is slightly different, the crotch area is larger and more sphere like, and the claw arm is slightly different, he maintains the red and orange color from Alien Force.
Villians ov
Kraab in Omniverse (right corner)
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Powers and Abilities

Kraab Final Battle 2
Kraab shooting laser
LinkmadaraAdded by Linkmadara

Kraab has a chemical spray that takes away Ghostfreak's power to become intangible and invisible, giving him the opportunity to land a blow on him. It should also be noted that Kraab talks like an actual hunter, calling Ben his "prey", and saying that he is "hardly worth the hunt". Kraab is more robotic than organic, meaning Grey Matter can deactivate him.

Original Series

Kraab was one of the three bounty hunters hired by Vilgax to hunt down the Omnitrix in Hunted, the others being Sixsix and Tetrax. He was defeated when Grey Matter ripped out some wires from his neck, causing his body to go haywire.

Alien Force

Kraab appeared in The Final Battle: Part 1, hired by an unknown client to hunt down Ben. He was frozen by Big Chill and left aboard the ship. Since Ben couldn't save the ship, the ship exploded, but Gwen and Kevin managed to save Kraab.

Video Game

Kraab CD
Kraab in Cosmic Destruction
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Kraab appears in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction as a mini-boss.


Ben 10

Ben 10: Alien Force


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