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King Xarion

General Information
Species Human
Transylian (in Viktor's body)
Home World Earth
Residence Zarkovia (formerly)
Age Unknown (deceased)
Affiliations King Viktor
Occupation(s) King
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength (as King Viktor)
Enhanced Durability (as King Viktor)
Electrokinesis (as King Viktor)
Technokinesis (as King Viktor)
Sharp Reflexes (as King Viktor)
Relatives Prince Gyula (son)
Alias King Xarion
Feeble Old Man (Gyula)
King Viktor
Voice Actor Peter Stormare
First Appearance Viktor: The Spoils

King Xarion, also known as King Viktor, was the monarch of Zarkovia, who first appeared in Viktor: The Spoils.


King Xarion's human form had the appearance of an old man. He had white hair and was partly bald. He wore a red coat with fur and three golden crosses on each side. He also wore a green shirt and black pants.

In his King Viktor form, he has robotic parts that are silver on his chest. His scars are shades of purple. His eyes are now red too. He still wears black pants along with a silver belt, small helmet, completely bald head, and silver shoes.

His human form in Omniverse was shown to mostly be the same, except his hair is longer and he has a crooked noise. His skin is a paler color, and he now has some liver spots on his face. His back is more hunchbacked, and his attire is relatively the same.


At first glance King Xarion seems like a kind and gentle king who cares about his kingdom and seeks peaceful methods. However, his true personality has been shown to be cruel and heartless tyrant who would crush anyone who stands in his way. He also has no love for his son, Prince Gyula, and he tried to murder him upon being reborn as King Viktor.


Ultimate Alien

Viktor xarion

Inhabitation of Viktor's body

In Viktor: The Spoils, King Xarion contacted Ben Tennyson to help him to stop his son Prince Gyula from using the brain-dead body of Dr. Viktor. After Ben and his team were defeated, he was overthrown by his son and thrown into the dungeon. Gwen then let him go, but he betrayed her and kidnapped Ben for experimentation. He did when his son shut off his machine's power as he was hooked up to a mind-transfer device, albeit simply transferring his mind to Dr. Viktor's body, making him King Viktor. He then revealed that he had planned to crush the rebels all along, and was just waiting for the right moment. After taunting Gyula and rendering him unconscious, he departed, and attacked the rebels himself

King Xarion was later beaten by Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, who trapped him in hardened molten metal. However, he could not be arrested, seeing as actions within that country undertaken by humans are regarded as out of Plumber jurisdiction (regardless of the fact that Xarion had been inhabiting an alien criminal's body). Xarion threatened Ben and his team with revenge, but was ignored by them.


It was revealed in Rad Monster Party that Zs'Skayr eventually entered Dr. Viktor's molten-hardened body and devoured King Xarion's soul, thus reviving the original Dr. Viktor.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Tagalog Haring Zaryon From Haring, King and Zaryon, Xarion

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