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Khoros, the home planet of the Tetramands, is a dusty and barbaric world where might makes right and survival is a constant struggle.


Due to constant conflicts, Khoros's culture has long been devolved, turning from a confederation of thriving city-states into scorched and boundless wastelands.

Nomadic tribes ruled by bloodthirsty warlords ceaselessly roam the landscape, seeking out ancient relics of Khoros' past glory, all in hopes of rediscovering the long lost secrets that will gain them an advantage over their enemies.


Sand Ripper

A Sand Ripper

Khoros is inhabited by giant and vicious predators, which is the reason Tetramands evolved to possess four arms and prodigious strength.

Tetramands use Zibosons as mounts for travel.

Looma Red Wind mentioned a species called Barfacks.

Sand Rippers are also seen in Khoros, but they are not used by Tetramands.

According to Derrick J. Wyatt, the wildlife on Khoros is some of the most dangerous in the universe.


The Red Wind Kingdom is the dominant country on Khoros.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


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  • Khoros' surface is similar to that of Mars', as it is red, dusty, and barren.

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