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Kevin Levin

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Kevin 11000

General Information
Species Osmosian
Home World Earth
Residence Null Void (formerly)
Age 43 (Ken 10)
47 (The End of an Era)
Affiliations Gwendolyn Tennyson (girlfriend)
Occupation(s) Magister ranked Plumber
Criminal (formerly)
Terrorist (formerly)
Con Artist (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorption
Matter Absorption
DNA Absorption
Power and Ability Absorption
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Limited Mnemokinesis
Matter Manipulation
Relatives Devlin Levin (son)
Unnamed spouse (ex-wife)
Alias Kevin 11,000 (formerly)
Alternate Counterparts Kevin Levin
Voice Actor Charlie Schlatter (Original Series)
Greg Cipes (Omniverse)
First Appearance Ken 10

Kevin Levin is the future version of Kevin Levin. He was first seen as a villain going under the name Kevin 11,000 but after a few years he was cured, became sane again and rejoined the Plumbers as well as his old friends. He is currently keeping the Rooters at bay.



Kevin was trapped in the Null Void for an unknown amount of time. Kevin managed to break out of the Null Void several times. During one of his breakouts he had a son, Devlin Levin with a girl from a Saturn colony. During his time in the Null Void, Kevin absorbed various aliens, making him able to turn into a new monstrous hybrid form far more powerful than the original, though he now seemingly has mastered his powers, as he is able to switch between this form and his human one at will and even access some of his alien powers in human form, including enhanced speed.

Ben 10

Kevin 11000 mutated

Kevin 11,000 facing Ben 10,000

Ben's son, Ken, is celebrating his tenth birthday, and to commemorate the occasion Ben gives him an Omnitrix of his very own. However, he equips it with a limiter, unwilling to trust his son to defeat villains on his own. Ken soon befriends Kevin's son Devlin, and the same night Kevin 11 attacks. Unable to locate the Null Void projector, which Ben has moved after the events of Ben 10,000, he retreats.

Ken, also unaware of the move, endeavors to find it on his own, only to unwittingly lead Devlin right to it. Devlin releases his father from the Null Void, but is soon heartbroken to learn that Kevin's only interest is fighting Ben, not seeing his son and was kicked out of Kevin's family. Kevin is ultimately defeated by the combined forces of Ben, Ken, and Devlin. Just before that, Kevin 11,000 was shown to be at the mercy of Way Big, who had lost his temper when Kevin hurt Ken. He is then viciously crushed into the ground.

Although he appears to be knocked out cold, Kevin was barely damaged by Way Big, getting up with a couple cricks. He asks Ben if the assault was the best he had but Devlin manages to sneak up behind him and traps his father in a Null Void Egg, which he then gives to Max, who, before departing, says "I've got a special place for you this time!", indicating that Kevin will be imprisoned in a special high-security prison.


A few years later, Kevin has been cured and regained his sanity once again. He is Ben 10,000's friend and Gwendolyn Tennyson's boyfriend again, although Gwendolyn keeps a close eye on him and immediately raises her voice when Kevin starts to speak aggressively. He is also working as a Magister ranked Plumber in the Null Void, mainly to keep the Rooters at bay. He retains his personality but according to Ben, his people skills have improved. Later he attended Max's retirement party.


Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Kevin goes evil and does irredeemable things. Ben and Gwendolyn can be watchful and try to minimize the amount of times it happens, but it will still happen. Kevin is a hero and a villain.[1]


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