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Kevin's mutations are caused by Kevin's Osmosian ability to absorb DNA and energy. By absorbing DNA and energy from Omnitrix aliens or the Omnitrix or Ultimatrix itself, the energy combined with the DNA will result him to a raw mutation into an amalgamation of some or all unlocked aliens.



  • Kevin's mutations are an Osmosian trait as Aggregor is shown to be capable of absorbing and assimilating alien DNA which allows him to gain their abilities and causes a slight mutation (though nowhere as extreme as Kevin's). Kevin's mutations are a result of this same ability, though he is unable to control his mutations and has trouble keeping a stable mental state due to inexperience (as Kevin 11,000 is able to keep a stable mental state and has shown the ability to retain certain alien abilities he has absorbed while in human form, such as XLR8's super speed).
  • During his fourth mutation, Kevin's wings seemed to have shape-shifting abilities as whenever the hood unfolded it seemed to be thinner than when folded up and the wings seemed to lose and gain certain aspects/parts when unfolding and would "fuse" together to form the cape when folded up.
  • Each of Kevin's mutations have a unique trait to them before/after being cured for example:
    • After being cured from Kevin 11, Kevin's clothes are completely intact even though the initial transformation destroyed his clothes (except his cargo shorts).
    • His second mutation destroys his clothes completely (except his briefs). This isn't undone upon being cured unlike the first mutation. His second mutation is the only one in which he retains his original body frame. When Ben hacked the Omnitrix and damaged it during Alien Force, it sent out a wave of energy that rewrote Kevin's Osmosian DNA, only possible due to his Osmosian abilities.
    • Ultimate Kevin, unlike the first, doesn't restore his clothes, with only his pants intact.
    • Kevin's second mutation is the only mutation that did not turn him insane.
    • Kevin's 12 year old mutation, restored him with his Rooter Uniform.
    • Kevin's Omniverse mutation, restored him with his Rooter Uniform.

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