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These are the mutations Kevin suffered temporarily in Ben 10: Omniverse.

Present Mutation

Kevin Mutant OV
During Weapon XI: Part 2, Kevin touched the Omnitrix symbol on Ben to turn into this most recent mutation. Kevin then battled Swampfire and was shown to use Ball Weevil's plasma balls and Feedback's energy absorption. However, Ben exploited a weakness in this mutation by kicking Kevin's Crashhopper legs and knocking him down. However, Ben was caught by Helen and Kevin brought Ben to Servantis. Servantis then explained he built a device that was going to be used to destroy Ben and the Omntrix at the same time. Kevin, before he could put Ben inside, drops Ben and then grabs Servantis. Kevin then headbutts Servantis destroying his loyalty neuro-matrix and locks out Servantis from the Amalgam Kids' minds forever. Kevin uses Feedback's abilities to give back the memories to the Amalgam Kids and reveals to Ben that he did that to get in close with Servantis. Kevin then turns back to normal showing his complete control over this mutation.


Powers and Abilities


Because he had Crashhopper's legs, hitting his legs correctly will make him move backwards.

Flashback Mutation

Kevin mutant ov flashback
This version of Kevin's mutation only appears in an Omniverse flashback in the episode Weapon XI: Part 2. Unlike his first mutation, this one consists of the other 10 aliens Ben unlocked in the original series. Kevin turned into this mutation after touching the Omnitrix symbol while Ben was Eye Guy. Kevin went insane and started to attack everyone including his own allies, the Amalgam Kids, who were all part of the Rooters at the time. However, Kevin was taken down by Argit and was reverted into his normal form before being taken back to the Null Void.


Powers and Abilities


He is vulnerable to Argit's quills.

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