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Kenny's Stone Pet

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The characters and/or events in the storyline depicted in this article have been changed, altered, added to, or erased from the main continuity.
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Kenny's Stone Pet
Kenny pet
General Information
Affiliations Kenny Tennyson
Tennyson Family
Ben's Team
Occupation(s) Pet
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Regeneration
Relatives Kenny Tennyson (owner)
Charmcaster (creator)
Gwendolyn Tennyson (summoner)
Alias Kenny's Pet
First Appearance Ken 10

Kenny's Stone Pet was given to Kenny by his aunt Gwen for his tenth birthday. It looks like any of Charmcaster's stone monsters from the original series; however, this was stone creature was summoned by Gwen and therefore is more friendly and not hostile; it behaves more like a pet.

From the first moment, it felt appreciation for Kenny, participating in the battle against Kevin 11,000, where it ends up being destroyed by Kevin 11,000. At the end of the episode it regenerates itself and runs into Kenny.

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