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Kane North

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Kane North
Kangaroo commando
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown
Occupation(s) TV Actor (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities None
Relatives Abel North (twin brother)
Alias Kangaroo Commando
Voice Actor John Cygan
First Appearance Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures

Kane North is the twin brother of Abel North, who went around getting his brother, Abel framed for his criminal acts. He stated that he created Kangaroo Commando, Ben's favorite television show at the time, and that Super Alien Hero Buddies (a kids cartoon based off Heatblast, Four Arms and Wildmutt that Tim Dean tried to take credit for) was his idea. Among various other crimes meant to boost his popularity included sabotaging a rollercoaster at the new theme park in the studio and trying to kill his brother and Tim Dean.

Kane North
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  • Kane and his brother (Abel North) have the same names as two Biblical figures, the brothers Cain and Abel. This was undoubtedly played upon due to Kane's murderous designs on his brother, as Cain murdered Abel.

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