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Judge Domstol

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Domstol ov
General Information
Species Unknown
Residence Coda Coda
Affiliations Court
High Court's Officer
Occupation(s) Judge
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Gavel
Alias Judgy
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance Vreedle, Vreedle

Judge Domstol is a minor character who first appeared in Vreedle, Vreedle, when Ben and Kevin had to go to court to determine who would be the legal guardian of Ship. He has a Highbreed officer, with red, yellow, and blue patterns, who works as his bailiff. His office is on the planet Coda Coda.


Domstol is an alien with a partially metallic body. From his shoulders up to his forehead, he is almost entirely gold and made out of metal. His lips and the outline of his eyes are dark gold. His sclera are black and his pupils are white. His brain, which is completely visible from the outside, pokes out of his metal head and is protected by a thin, clear material. There is a golden circle on the front of his brain. A similar ellipse appears on his chest, dividing his metallic upper body from the black robe that covers the rest of his body.He wears purple gloves which both have golden cuffs.

In Omniverse, his design hasn't changed that much except that the golden part are now copper colored. He also has glasses and a periwig. His gloves are now entirely made of copper. His eyes are also smaller and shifted upwards and he has visible teeth now.


Domstol af

Judge Domstol in Alien Force

Due to some past events, when Ben and Kevin came, he didn't recognize Kevin, because of his mutated form, but later identifies him, and remembered him that if he saw Kevin again, he would send him back into the Null Void. But Ben goes to Kevin's rescue, and showed "Dom" (Ben's nickname for Judge Domstol, or "Judgy") the Omnitrix up close, but transforms into Humungousaur, and broke the table by accident, just by leaning on it but "Dom" forgives him. He says that somebody as important as Ben 10 should not have to waste his time with such trivial matters.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10 Omniverse


Domstol is Danish, Norwegian and Swedish for bench, as in the judges' seat.

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