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Jonah Melville

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Jonah Melville
Jonah Melville
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Duane
Occupation(s) Poacher
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Miniature Submarine
Voice Actor Robin Atkin Downes
First Appearance The Krakken

Jonah Melville is a poacher who first appeared in The Krakken.


He is a tall and tanned man with a hawk nose. He has short, dark brown hair and a goatee. He was wearing to different suits, one of them being a cyan uniform with black accents and boots with his name and logo on it. The other was a silver diving suit with an oxygen pack and belts with pockets. This suit covered everything but his face.


Jonah was first seen in The Krakken where he and his men pretended to be a fish saving organization, named The Friends of Fish. They fenced a portion of the lake what Captain Shaw found suspicious. Shaw wanted to cross the fence but he asked him to turn around. Soon after that the Krakken attacked Jonah and his crew who were saved by XLR8. The Krakken wanted a box from them (which later revealed to contain on of her eggs).

Later, he was seen after his men took Shaw out of the water who was searching for the Krakken. He asked Shaw what he was down there but he denied to tell him and punched Shaw in the face. They men took Shaw to his ship, while he dropped a device to the water that will help him locate the eggs. In addition to this he dropped a bomb to Shaw's ship and exploded it.

What he didn't know that Ben was with Shaw and heard everything. He turned into Stinkfly and followed them. In order to stop him, Jonah dropped oil barrels to the water and shot them to explode. This managed to get Stinkfly to the water where he tried to knock over him. Stinkfly managed to hide from them and save Shaw who had been just thrown out by his men.

At the Rust Bucket Gwen searches up his name and reveals his true story. He is a poacher who travels around the world, poaches rare animals, crates them up and sells them to private collectors.

He was seen at a harbor where he managed to get the second egg too. He said that after he sold them to the highest bidder, he would be rich enough to move to the Bahamas. However the Krakken appeared what made him think to capture her too. He got in his submarine, while his men tried to hold up the Krakken. Before he could attack the Krakken, Ripjaws appeared and started to fight him. After a long fight, the eggs were taken from him and were given back to their mother. The Krakken destroyed his suit and was about to kill him but he was protected by Ripjaws. The Krakken returned to her eggs and Ripjaws punched him in the face and made him unconscious. He hung him on a stump and left him for the police.


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Jonah Melville's name is based from Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick, which involves a man hunting a giant sea monster. He is also named after the biblical figure Jonah, who is swallowed by a whale, but survives.

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