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Jerret Pantophage
General Information
Species Pantophage
Occupation(s) King of the Pantophage
Powers and Abilities
Alias Jarrett of Phantophage
Little Guy (Rath)
Voice Actor Alexander Polinsky
First Appearance Con of Rath

Jarrett is a cruel king who looks like a red giant overweight devilish alien.


Alien Force

Jarret only appeared later in the episode Con of Rath, after he ate the Tiffin as a peace-treaty until Rath jumped down Jarrett's throat and took him out, breaking Jarrett's teeth in the process. Jarrett threatened war against the Lewodans, but Rath threatened him about knitting his intestines into a sweater which scared him into making a peace resolution.

Kevin is apparently unaware of Jarrett's planet's customs as he faints from the shock when Jarrett eats Tiffin.


In the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien toy line, there is a 2-pack containing Rath and Sixsix. The 2-pack comes with a comic published by DC Comics. The title of the comic is "Target Rath," featuring Jarrett as one of the main villains along with Sixsix and Kraab.


Ben 10: Alien Force


  • Jarrett vaguely resembles Kil'jaeden of the Warcraft series. He also bears resemblance to Trigon from Teen Titans.
  • When he ate the Tiffin, it made Jarret similar to Kronos, from Greek mythology.

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