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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
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Jail Break is one of the two stories of Cartoon Network Action Pack #62, the other is Paper Scissors Stone.


The story opens with an alien investigating an escape pod which had been used as means of escape for two convicts. During his investigation he is attacked by Ben's Team who think he's one of the escaped convicts. Ben quickly subdues him as Goop but releases him when Kevin points out that the alien is wearing the uniform of a prison guard.

Gwen is eventually able to track the two convicts to an alleyway in the city where they get into a fight. Ben easily overpowers them as NRG but changes into Big Chill to pursue them. Big Chill is able to freeze Gontu but is attacked by Sool. Sool takes this opportunity to escape while Ultimate Big Chill quickly freezes Gontu. Ultimate Big Chill then pursues Sool who as it turned out just wanted to thank the Plumber who arrested him.



  • Gontu

Aliens Used

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