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General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Jonah Melville
Occupation(s) Poacher
Voice Actor Jim Ward
First Appearance The Krakken

Jack is a minor character in The Krakken. He was one of Jonah Melville's henchmen.


He is a tall, fair complexioned man with short blonde hair. He was wearing to different suits, one of them being a cyan uniform with black accents and boots with his name and logo on it. The other was a silver diving suit with an oxygen pack and belts with pockets. This suit covered everything but his head.


He was first seen in The Krakken as a henchmen of Jonah Melville along with Duane, pretending to be a member of a fake organization, The Friends of Fish. He was with Jonah when the Krakken first attacked them, he tried to save the crate which contained the egg but failed. When the Krakken attacked them at the second time, he tried to hold her up but he was pushed into the lake. After he swam back to their base the Krakken destroyed it, forcing him into the water again.


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