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This article is about the episode. For the weapon master, see Techadon Weapon Master Number 13.
Inspector 13
Ben and Techadon Weapon Master 003
General Information
Original broadcast February 4, 2012
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Season 3
Episode number 44
Overall number 142
Written by Geoffrey Thorne
Directed by Butch Lukic
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Previous episode Solitary Alignment
Next episode Enemy of My Frenemy

Inspector 13 is the forty-fourth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and the twelfth episode in the third season.


Aparece kevin

Inspector 13 and Kevin

A Techadon master visits Kevin's garage, looking for an Omnitrix signal. Kevin attacks, ending up unconscious. Gwen later finds him clad in sports clothes as they promised Julie they'd help her practice tennis, Kevin points out the need to hunt down the weapons master as he is a bigger threat than every Techadon they've ever faced combined.

Ben being captured Inspector 13

Inspector 13 capturing Ben

Meanwhile, Ben and Julie are playing tennis, Ben isn't doing well, but then he transforms into Echo Echo to play better against Julie. Inspector 13 arrives on scene, he wants to study the Ultimatrix so he captures Ben. He takes Ben on his ship, telling him that he was sent to investigate a series of Techadon unit failures and wishes to reverse engineer the Ultimatrix to revolutionize Inspector 13's industry, so he tries to cut off the Ultimatrix, but Ben tells him that a security measure in the Ultimatrix will cause it to self destruct if he cuts it off, so Inspector 13 hacks the Ultimatrix instead, easily breaching the security measures and unlocks the Master Control. 


Gwen as Diamondhead and Kevin as Jetray

Gwen and Kevin teleport aboard. Gwen destroys the security machines that Inspector 13 sends at them, for they have no defense against Anodite powers, but they are adapting to her. Ben tries transforming, but it backfires, causing Gwen and Kevin to transform into Diamondhead and Jetray respectively. They are released off of the ship, falling down to Earth. Gwen (as Diamondhead) encases herself and Jetray in a mana crystal by accident, allowing them to land safely.

Inspector 13's ship is damaged in the battle, so he flies to the Techadon Factory in downtown Bellwood to use its technology and materials for repairs. Ben is able to escape into the factory, and the Weapon Master pursues him.

Ben uses some Techadon hands from the incomplete Techadons to try and defeat Inspector 13. In the battle, Gwen and Kevin called Ben and told him that they want to be turned back into normal, so Ben changed them. Gwen, Kevin and Julie drive to the Techadon Factory, Gwen and Kevin are transformed into Clockwork and Wildmutt. Wildmutt is barely able to avoid traffic as he crashes just outside the Techadon Factory, which can't be moved. Clockwork remarks that the military has been trying to get into the factory for weeks, with no results. Ben tries to use the Ultimatrix as the Inspector 13 captures him. Clockwork is transformed into Humungousaur and Wildmutt into Way Big. Just before they both try to break in the factory, Ben presses the Ultimatrix, causing Humungousaur to turn into Murk Upchuck and Way Big into Nanomech. Murk Upchuck is disgusted by her powers with Nanomech trying to make her eat through the factory wall. She tries to, but the factory repairs itself and is impervious to Murk Upchuck's energy balls.


Rath (Gwen) battling the unfinished Techadons

Nanomech flies through the hole Murk Upchuck created before it regenerates after her attack. He attacks Inspector 13 as Murk Upchuck arrives and eats the bonds holding Ben. She and Nanomech are transformed into Rath and AmpFibian and start destroying the Techadons, as Ben uses voice command mode to make the Ultimatrix recognize him, turning Rath and AmpFibian back to normal. Ben turns into Four Arms, and punches Inspector 13, defeating him. Ben, Gwen and Kevin force the ship to take off, and Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Julie return to downtown Bellwood.

Gwen tells Ben that since Kevin and she got Ben's powers, Ben might have gotten Gwen and Kevin's powers during that time. Ben feels so frustrated that he fought the Techadon master with his human skills instead of seeing if he had Anodite and Osmosian powers while he had the chance.

Major Events

Ultimatrix Alien Debut



Aliens Used

By Ben

By Gwen

By Kevin



Gwen: (After being turned into Diamondhead and looks at Kevin who is now Jetray) Kevin?
Kevin: (Who discovered that Diamondhead is really Gwen) Gwen?
Ben: (Sarcastically annoyed) Aw, come on!

Quotes Right


Ben: Boy, am I stupid.

Quotes Right


Ben: (just as Inspector 13's blade is about to cut his hand off) You cut it off me and BOOM!
Inspector 13: Boom? Please define "boom".

Quotes Right


(Gwen moans)
Kevin: (to Gwen) Are you ok?
Ben: I'm not! I'm strapped to a torture table!

Quotes Right


Hacking system: Accessing Galvan code.
Ben: Ha! Good luck hacking the Ultimatrix you'll never...
Hacker system: Firewall 1 breach Firewall 2 breach Firewall 3 breach.
Ben: Yeah, okay but there's no way you get Master Control Access.
Ultimatrix: Master Control granted.

Quotes Right


  • Techadon master is alone
  • Techadon master and Kevin's car
  • Gwen's sweatband
  • The sweatband is missing
  • Echo Echo's rackets disappear
  • Julie banging on door
  • Ship door disappears
  • The Ultimatrix is inside the shackle
  • The Ultimatrix outside the shackle
  • Kevin's armor
  • Kevin's armor is a different color
  • Ben ducks out of the way
  • Ben is high up
  • Rath with four fingers
  • Rath without fingers
  • No back diamond
  • After Techadon Weapon Master Number 13 opened the garage door, Kevin's car appears next to him.
  • When Gwen appears in Kevin's garage she has a sweat band on her left wrist then when Kevin tells her to power up while holding her right wrist and left arm the sweat band is gone
  • After Techadon Weapon Master Number 13's ship arrived, Echo Echos' rackets were gone.
  • When it first showed the tennis scene the Ultimatrix's black communicator screen disappeared it then came back after he attempted to hit the tennis ball.
  • In one scene, when Julie was punching Techadon Weapon Master Number 13, the door was gone.
  • Techadon Weapon Master Number 13 says "No one has seen us (weapon masters) and lived". He said this although he knew Kevin and Julie had tried fighting him and survived.
  • When Ben is strapped to the 'torture table', the position of the shackle on left hand keeps changing (for a while, the Ultimatrix is partially inside the shackle, then it comes out and goes back in).
  • When the Ultimatrix is in the shackle, the core is not in the outer ring of the Ultimatrix
  • Several times, Kevin's armor changes color.
  • When Ben jumps out of the way of one of Inspector 13's rays, he jumps onto the ground behind a pillar. However, a second later, he is seen quite a height above the ground.
  • When Rath tears off head of Techadon Robot, there are four fingers on Rath's head.
  • When Gwen as Diamondhead is falling there is no back diamond.
  • Before Techadon Weapon Master Number 13's ship lands, there are 3 Echo Echoes on the opposite side of Julie's in the Tennis Court. There is also a net that separates both sides. After the ship lands, the net disappears, and not only does an Echo Echo disappear, but Julie is also on their side. In the next shot immediately, the second Echo Echo disappears.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A 13-as számú nyomozó Detective Number 13
Portuguese (Br) Inspetor 13 Inspector 13
Spanish (HA) Inspector 13 Inspector 13
Spanish (Spain) Inspector 13 Inspector 13


  • According to Geoffrey Thorne:
    • Inspector 13's plasma cage and Gwen's powers scrambled the Ultimatrix into thinking Kevin and Gwen were both Ben, and so the device transformed them both.
    • Clockwork debuted in an "off-screen adventure" before this episode.[1]
  • The aliens Gwen transformed into don't have a female appearance like they do in Gwen 10 and future episodes where Gwen had the Omnitrix.
  • It is revealed that Echo Echo can also duplicate the things he is holding.
    • However, this was later retconned out, as according to Derrick J. Wyatt, this was a power born from a glitch in the Ultimatrix.
  • Inspector #13 referred to the aliens by the names of their home planets (e.g.: Geochelone Aerio as "Aldabran" and Human as "Terran").
  • Inspector 13's plan is similar to Vilgax's in Secrets.


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