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The Hyperspace Jump Gate was a giant device that can teleport matter from one location to another. The Hyperspace Jump Gate works by converting the subject matter into faster-than-light tachyons and broadcasting those particles to the receiving gate before reconstituting them back into solid matter.


The Hyperspace Jump Gate was one of many that was built in Los Soledad by the Highbreed and DNAliens in order to teleport their entire spaceship fleet from the other end of the galaxy to Earth to begin a massive invasion on Earth in a matter of seconds.

Being made of neutronium carbon alloy, the Hyperspace Jump Gate was unable to be damaged or even scratched by simultaneous attacks from Murk Upchuck and his allies. Way Big was about to rip the Hyperspace Jump Gate from the ground when it activated, throwing Way Big back due to the energy output and causing him to revert back to Ben.

With the Hyperspace Jump Gate's activation, Highbreed ships began pouring out. When several other plans to stop the invasion failed, Ben transformed into Brainstorm and, along with Kevin, Gwen and Azmuth, used Ship to take them through the Hyperspace Jump Gate and to the homeworld of the Highbreed, Augstaka. The trip through the Gate was rather disconcerting and resulted in Brainstorm throwing up on Azmuth.

Ben later used the Omnitrix to repair the genetic damage of the Highbreed, and the pulse sent out from the Omnitrix traveled through the Hyperspace Jump Gate, causing it to affect the Highbreed on Earth as well.

Following the appointing of Reinrassic III to the position of Highbreed Supreme by the Highbreed Council, all the ships on Earth returned to Augstaka through the Hyperspace Jump Gate. Max Tennyson then used a Nuclear Fusion Grenade to destroy it.


Ben 10: Alien Force


  • According to Azmuth, the jumpgate converts the matter going through it into faster than light tachyons, shoots it across the galaxy, then reconstitutes it.
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