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Humungosaur nano

The Humungousaur Nano is a mini version of Humungousaur in the game FusionFall. It is similar to the Alien X Nano. This Nano is earned by defeating Fusion Tetrax.

Powers and Abilities

  • Saurian Snare - Snare/Cone
Humungousaur ensnares all enemies in the target area.
  • Giant Unleashed - Freedom/Self
The alien giant goes wild, saving you from the enemy's special attacks.
  • Ground Quake - Damage/Area
Humungousaur pounds the ground and damages all monsters in the area.


  • Humungousaur is the 36th and the last Nano before Fusionfall's 2nd Anniversary releasing the new nanos and missions and locations such as the Null Void and Basic Training Pt2.
  • He is received by defeating Fusion Tetrax instead of Fusion Ben.
  • He is a Cosmix.
  • Ironically, he is Ben's biggest alien in the original Alien Force series and he is a Nano which from its name is small.
  • One of Humungousaur's abilities involved him "going wild", this could be a reference to Humungousaur's tantrum in Map of Infinity when he was angered that wasn't able to save the Andromeda Aliens from Aggregor then angrily beat him up.