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Humans (short for Homo sapiens in modern biology), also known as Terrans, are the main inhabitants of Earth and Ledgerdomain.

Powers and Abilities

Some humans that look normal may be part alien.[1] People with alien ancestry are actually pretty common on Earth.[1] They are especially common among the offspring of Plumbers.

Humans are one of the few known species that can perform magic and manipulate mana, however only certain individuals have the talent.

As the attributes of humans are well-balanced mentally and physically, they are able to survive in almost every kind of environment. This also negates the weaknesses of alien hybrids, who are half human. For example, Ester, who is half Kraaho and half human, describes Earth's surface temperature as "nippy", whereas a pure Kraaho would be at great discomfort on the surface.

As seen throughout the series, humans are excellent climbers, shown to be able to climb almost anything.

Humans are very adaptable both mentally and physically, been able to adapt to environment changes quickly and figure out how to deal with unexpected and stressful situations better than most species (as demonstrated many times throughout Ben 10: Omniverse, when Ben can easily figure out what to do and what is going on, while Rook remains highly confused).

Humans are the best long distance runners on Earth, one hunting tactic employed by ancient humans was to chase their prey until it became too exhausted to continue fleeing.


Compared to many alien species, humans are about average or below average in almost every mental and physical aspect, making them easy to beat.

Humans are vulnerable to DNA-targeting weaponry such as a Tachyon Cannon, due to the fact that their DNA only varies by less than 1% from person to person.

Any strength humans have usually comes from their numbers, making them highly vulnerable when alone.

Notable Humans

Human Hybrids

Mutant Humans

Former Humans

Evolved Humans

Powers and Abilities

  • Evolved Humans are smarter than average.[2]
  • Like normal humans who have the talent, evolved humans can perform magic.

Notable Evolved Humans


  • If an alien were to use the Omnitrix to transform into a human, he/she would most likely resemble Ben due to his connection to the Omnitrix.[3]
  • Humans are not considered very intelligent.[4]
  • Other than Max, humans are considered an insignificant race from an unfashionable western spiral arm of the galaxy.[5]
  • Humans are considered "a delicacy" among other species.[6]


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