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Howell Wayneright

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Howell Wayneright
Howell Wayneright
General Information
Species Human
Occupation(s) Collector
Powers and Abilities
Alias The Creep (Max)
Voice Actor Larry Cedar
First Appearance A Small Problem

Howell Wayneright was a collector of all alien related things. When he went to the water park, he went to try and get a soil sample but instead he found Ben Tennyson (transformed in to Grey Matter). Howell then kidnapped him and took him to his house. He later contacted The Forever Knights, trying to get famous, but when they came they took him to their castle where he learned that they were going to dissect Grey Matter. After he finally found his heart (And learned he wasn't getting famous) he fought the The Forever Knights and rescued Ben when he got his arm stuck in a containment unit holding a bomb Grey Matter assembled. He gave up chasing aliens shortly thereafter.


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