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Hoverboard OV
General Information
User Tetrax Shard
Ben Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Devlin Levin
Type Hoverboard
First Appearance Hunted

Hoverboards are a type of technology, typically alien in origin, that are almost identical to skateboards or surf boards. When one stands on one, it hovers in the air and can move in any direction at great speeds.


Tetrax Shard's Hoverboard


Tetrax's X321 hoverboard was first seen in Hunted, where Tetrax used it several times for transportation. Tetrax gave the hoverboard to Ben at the end of the episode.

Second Hoverboard

Tetrax used another hoverboard on Incarcecon, until it was destroyed by a Tetramand.

According to Tetrax, this hoverboard was his favorite.

Third Hoverboard

Tetrax used a third hoverboard to travel across Xenon.

Ben Tennyson's Hoverboard


Hover Board

Ben's X321 Hoverboard

Tetrax gave Ben his X321 hoverboard at the end of Hunted.

In Tough Luck, Ben used his hoverboard to get to Hex. At the end of the episode, Gwen took it and flew away.

In Secret of the Omnitrix, Grey Matter attacked Dr. Animo with the hoverboard, but it fell into nuclear waste and was destroyed.

Second Hoverboard

In Secret of The Omnitrix, Tetrax gave Ben a replacement hoverboard for the X321 which had been destroyed earlier on.

Ben used his hoverboard in Of Predators and Prey: Part 1 to escape Khyber, until Khyber destroyed it.

Ben 10,000's Hoverboard

In Ben 10,000, Ben found one of Ben 10,000's hoverboards and rode it around until XLR8 took it away from him. Upgrade later merged with it and then hit Vilgax with it. Ben 10,000 would later ride it in human form to outsmart Vilgax.

Ken Tennyson's X321 Hoverboard

Future Max and Kenny Tennyson 001

Kenny with his X321 Hoverboard

In Ken 10, Kenny received a X321 hoverboard for his 10th birthday from his great-grandfather. Kenny flew it when he stormed off and turned into Wildvine to show off to Devlin.

Devlin Levin's Hoverboard

Kenny Tennyson and Devlin Levin

Devlin riding his hoverboard

Devlin was flying on a hoverboard when he met Kenny and showed off on it until Kenny turned into Wildvine.


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