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Highbreed Ships were used by the Highbreed during their attack on Earth. There were three known Highbreed Ships for different purposes.

Types of Ships


Warships were in the Highbreed Fleet, they have three small lasers on each side and a massive laser on the front.

Warships first appeared in War of the Worlds: Part 1 when hundreds of them attacked Galvan Prime. They were the ships the Highbreed were going to use to destroy Earth when they came through the Hyperspace Jump Gate.

Small Cruiser

Highbreed Cruiser1

Small Cruiser

Small Cruisers were used to carry supplies and are also bases for the Highbreed, one first appeared in Ben 10 Returns: Part 2.

Small Cruisers have a laser cannon underneath them which is also a rocket which the ship uses to takes off. When it's in the air the rocket turns off but the ship continues in motion. The cannon comes out then it fires a massive laser.

Tractor-Beam Ship

Highbreed tractorbeam ship

Tractor-Beam Ship

Tractor-Beam Ship appeared in Inside Man where some DNAliens used one to get back the Oscillator Key and capture Tyler. It has manually operated lasers inside.

Highbreed Fleet

Highbreed fleet

The Highbreed Fleet is a massive group of Highbreed Warships lead by the Highbreed Commander. In War of the Worlds: Part 1 before the fleet attacked Earth they attacked Galvan Prime and destroyed it, then the Highbreed Fleet's next target is Earth. Way Big tried to destroy the Hyperspace Jump Gate, but failed and the Highbreed Fleet arrived. After Ben repaired the Highbreed and Reinrassic III became the new Highbreed Supreme, he called out to all the Highbreed that the war was over and to return home. Then the fleet went back through the Hyperspace Jump Gate, back to Augstaka.


  • A DNAlien said a Small Cruiser was a "Supply Ship" and Ben thought a Small Cruiser was the DNAlien Mothership in Ben 10 Returns: Part 2, but in Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben thought a Small Cruiser was the Highbreed Commandship.
  • Small Cruisers and Tractor-Beam Ships were not seen in the Highbreed Fleet.
  • Some Highbreed Warships appeared in Undercover when Cooper began to deactivate the cloak (around Los Soledad) when he saw foreshadowed events.

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