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Hex re
General Information
Species Human
Home World Ledgerdomain
Residence Earth
Age 56
Occupation(s) Magician
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Enchanced Agility
Equipment Charms of Bezel
Titan Guantlets (formerly)
Archamada Book of Spells (formerly)
Voice Actor Robin Atkin Downes
First Appearance Freaky Gwen Ben
Hex is a self-proclaimed "Master Magician" who desires to rule the world with his vast magic powers.


Hex has grey skin with black symbols on his shoulders. He wears a red and black cloth and hood, and black pants. He wears the Charms of Bezel under his neck. He also has long black socks that don't cover his heels or toes. He has black fingernails and toenails.


Hex is generally power-hungry and will go to whatever lengths to increase his powers and mastery over magic. He is often seen as ruthless and arrogant.

Powers and Abilities

Hex is a powerful and highly skilled magician that can manipulate the forces of magic for many feats. These can range from levitation of himself and objects, projecting force blasts and defense barriers, scrying (to locate magical artifacts), control over matter and elemental forces, bringing inanimate objects to life, and teleportation.

In addition to his magical abilities, Hex is also very agile.


Hex usually channels his powers through the Charms of Bezel.

Hex briefly possessed the Gauntlets of the Titans before Upgrade destroyed them.

Hex owns the Archamada Book of Spells, which greatly enhances his magic to the point where it makes him virtually unstoppable. In Freaky Gwen Ben, however, the book was taken by the Hippie Vendor after Hex was arrested.


Hex is shown to have a fear of zombies, as seen in Brief Career of Lucky Girl. This indicates magic is useless with zombies.


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