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Hex is a self-proclaimed "Master Magician" who desires to rule the world with his vast magic powers.


Hex has grey skin with black symbols on his shoulders. His attire is like that of a tribal or a nomad. He wears a red and black dress and hood, and black pants that are torn beyond his knees. He wears what appears to be some talismans under his neck. He also has long black socks that don't cover his heels or toes. His face is painted white and black to resemble a skull. He has black fingernails and toenails.


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Hex is generally power-hungry and will go to whatever lengths to increase his powers and mastery over magic. He is often seen as ruthless and arrogant.

Hex is described as having a bad temper and lacking humor.


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Powers and Abilities

Hex is a powerful and highly skilled magician that can manipulate the forces of magic for many feats. These can range from levitation of himself and objects, projecting force blasts and defense barriers, scrying (to locate magical artifacts), control over matter and elemental forces, bringing inanimate objects to life, and teleportation.

In addition to his magical abilities, Hex is also very agile.


  • Hex owned a spell book which he used to caste various spells, such as exchanging the bodies of Gwen and Ben and bringing inanimate objects to life. However, it was taken by the Hippie Vendor in Freaky Gwen Ben after Hex was arrested.
  • Hex briefly possessed the Titan Gauntlets before Upgrade took possesssion and destroyed them.
  • Hex also briefly possessed the Grimoire of Archamada which he used to increase his magical powers and turn himself into a giant snake-like creature. However, he lost the book while fighting Ben, thus losing the powers he had gained from him. The book now belongs to I.J. Crowling.
  • Hex also briefly possessed the Wand of Merlin. However, he was tricked by Gwen disguised as 'Lucky Girl' into believing that it is not the real one, upon which he threw it away.
  • Hex posses an artifact called The Eye Of Wotan, which he uses to give life to a monster. The monster has the ability to open a portal to the "gates of light" in which Hex revitalizes his powers.


Hex has a fear of zombies.[1]

Every one hundred years Hex has to renew his powers. Around that time he starts losing them and becomes powerless and weak.


Ben 10


  • The spellbook he possessed in Freaky Gwen Ben is exactly the same as that owned by Gwen Tennyson and originally Charmcaster in the original series, first seen in A Change of Face. Even the pages in it are the same.
  • In every episode Hex appears so far, he is looking for some artifact to increase his magical powers.