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Hero Time

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Hero Time
General Information
Original broadcast June 18, 2010
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Season 1
Episode number 9
Overall number 107
Written by Steven Barnes
Directed by Matt Youngberg
Gallery Cast Errors

Hero Time is the ninth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.



Ben and Jennifer

As Ben, Gwen and Kevin are waiting for a book signing, young movie star, Jennifer Nocturne arrives to sign her books, but is then held hostage by a few robbers armed with dangerous laser guns and after they murdered two of her bodyguards, they demand $10 million dollars in one hour- otherwise, they threatened, she would die. Everything looks bad until Ben fights some of the robbers as Spidermonkey. As one of them tries to escape, Captain Nemesis, Ben's favorite hero, arrives and knocks him out. Jennifer then gives Ben a kiss, which makes Nemesis jealous of Ben.

First time jealous

Julie jealous of Jennifer

Ben returns home to find the story on all of the news channels and Gwen, Kevin and much to Ben's surprise, Julie, who is jealous at Jennifer Nocturne kissing him. Ben assures her that it's for their careers and Julie says there's nothing going on between him and Jennifer, but she is really taking advantage of Ben to get more publicity. Just then, Nocturne arrives in a golden helicopter to take Ben to Captain Nemesis's party, much to Julie's chagrin. At the party, Nocturne introduces Ben to Nemesis, who tries to be friendly, but is obviously jealous of Ben. Nemesis even gets Ben's name wrong (Ten Bennyson). After the party, Nemesis, revealing that the hostage situation was a ruse to make him a bigger star, is seeking to become a bigger star than Ben. He has his assistant Simons enlist the help of Will Harangue, who views Nemesis as a great American icon (an opinion repeatedly noted in the episode). to capture some exclusive footage of him being a bigger hero than Ben, thinking that being a hero is all about fame.

File:Overlord and armodrillo.jpg

A little later, a swarm of war robots lead by Computron appear and attempt to take over the Earth, giving Nemesis the opportunity to prove he's a better hero then Ben. Nemesis and Will Harangue arrive, the former to fight and the latter to film, but Harangue is distracted by another news crew capturing his exclusive footage. Ben arrives as Jetray, ruining Harangue's plan, but when that proves ineffective, he transforms into Armodrillo and destroys most of the robots.

Nemesis manages to hide his jealousy and challenges Ben to a friendly competition to see who's the better hero. At the duel, covered by Nocturne for the Will Harangue Nation, Ben as Humungousaur easily beats Nemesis in train throwing. However, when Ben is given Rath by the Ultimatrix instead of Jetray, Nemesis takes the speed challenge. As a tiebreaker, a tug-of-war is held over a mud pit, and Ben wins as Four Arms. Nemesis is humiliated live on public TV and plots to get revenge on Ben.

Overlord vs Ben

Ultimate Humungousaur vs Nemesis

He makes a mountain out of molehill over his jealousy of Ben and he has his technicians remove all of the safeguards on his suit, allowing him to use more power than ever before, which would practically kill him (he doesn't seem to care that he's going to commit suicide). When Simons objects to removal of the safeguards of his suit, Captain Nemesis tells Simons to leave. He then kidnaps Julie who was shown taking her anger of Jennifer out on the tennis courts. Then he intercepts Jennifer's helicopter. When Ben calls Julie, Nemesis answers the call and tells Ben to "Come and Get Me" if he wants to see her again.

Overlord Arrested

Overlord arrested

At his lair, Ben transforms into Humungousaur and then Ultimate Humungousaur, keeping Nemesis at bay and fighting him fiercely; however, he then reveals that he has captured both Julie and Nocturne and that Ben can only save one of them. Nemesis cuts the ropes and both begin to fall down. Ben transforms into Goop and catches Julie, who finally forgives him for all his mistakes and became his girlfriend again as she smiles, while Gwen and Kevin rescue Nocturne. They hide behind Gwen's shield as Nemesis's energy blasts get increasingly hotter. Nemesis finally snaps and tells that he didn't know why he protected people like Ben in the first place and decides to change his name to Overlord, then tries to kill Ben. Ben attempts to cool him off with Water Hazard and then manages to remove Overlord's power by absorbing all of the moisture in the area, and manages to defeat Overlord by beating him up ruthlessly. After turning back, Ben scolds Overlord for losing sight of what being a hero means. The police come and arrest Overlord and Harangue claims that Overlord/Nemesis was a good man forced to do bad things to take down Ben.

Major events

  • Ben transforms into Armodrillo for the first time.
  • Ben's childhood hero Captain Nemesis turns evil and is now called Overlord



Aliens Used


Spidermonkey (staring at the thug holding Nocturne): are we going to do this?!

Thug: Nobody said anything about blue monkeys! I'm outta here! 


Ben: (switches from Spidermonkey to himself) Captain Nemesis? I'm your biggest fan!

Jennifer Nocturne: No, I'm your biggest fan, Ben Tennyson! (she kisses him, as the camera flashes).

Quotes Right


Ben: (twists Ultimatrix's dial and slaps Ultimatrix symbol transforms into Four Arms) Four Arms! Captain Nemesis: Captain Nemesis!
Four Arms: Why are you shouting your name out?! It's stupid! Captain Nemesis: My name isn't stupid! Although, I have been thinking about dropping the "Captain" part- it doesn't really describe me accurately anymore.

Quotes Right


Captain Nemesis: Oh, now you're my friend? I can't believe I wasted my time to protect people like you! Captain Nemesis is dead! From now on, call me Overlord!
Goop: How about we call you a good therapist?

Quotes Right


Julie: (screams until she is saved by Ben as Goop) You saved me.
Goop: Of course I did. You're my girl. (Julie smiles)

Quotes Right



Quotes Right


  • Ben: How could you do this?! You used to be a hero, I had your poster on my wall! Did you forget? This isn't about fame! It's about helping people!

Quotes Right

  • (Gwen, Julie and Kevin are watching TV at Ben's house)
  • Gwen: Could you just pick a channel and stick with it?
  • Kevin: There's nothing on anyway, except news about Bennifer!
  • Gwen: They're not calling them that....

(Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are at the opening at a book signing) Ben: Ha, now the truth comes out. Super cool, muscle car driving, ultimate bad boy, Kevin Levin likes girly movies! Kevin: (trying to change the subject) You're telling me Jennifer Nocturne comes to town and you're not even curious? Ben: (to Gwen) One blood-sucking soap drama and his little heart goes pitty-pat. (Gwen giggles but notices Kevin frowning at her) Kevin: (smug) And who was sitting next to me, during that blood-sucking soap drama and two sequels?

Quotes Right


Gwen: Vampires are romantic... (Kevin looks at a poster of Jennifer Nocturne) Kevin: And hot... (pinched by Gwen) Ow! Gwen: You were saying? Kevin: I admire her craft as an actress. (Gwen gives him a look obviously not believing him)

Quotes Right


Water Hazard: WATER HAZARD! I was going for Big Chill, but I still might cool you off! First, some nice cold water! (sprays Overlord with water) Then, I'll absorb the moisture from the air! (absorbs the moisture causing Overlord's armor to break)

Overlord: You won't beat me! I can still prove to everyone that I'm the hero!

Water Hazard: JUST BE QUIET! (he viciously attacks Overlord, until Overlord falls to the ground breaking his armor)

Quotes Right


Jennifer: I don't know how to thank you Kevin! You saved my life! Have you ever considered-

Gwen: I will peel you, like a grape!

Quotes Right



Captain Nemesis: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Quotes Right


  • Ben's jacket stripes are on his left sleeve instead of his right sleeve.
  • When Ben was talking to Captain Nemesis, Jennifer had her hands on Ben's shoulders. Then when the camera zooms in on the two, Jennifer's right hand was under Ben's chin. Finally when the camera zooms out, both her hands are still on Ben's shoulders as though nothing happened.
  • Right when Water Hazard takes his first swing at Overlord, the N on his chest is missing.
  • If you look closely when Spidermonkey was beating the thugs, you can see that both the thug and Jennifer at the front entrance are gone. Later, when Spidermonkey slides backwards, they magically reappear.
  • When Nocturne begins hosting for the friendly contest, her shorts are black.
  • The Darkfall poster on the door appears and vanishes throughout the fight.
  • The fans at the booksigning appear and vanish throughout the fight.
  • Watch closely when Jennifer says, "Ready for the party?" to Ben. You can see that Gwen and Kevin vanish when the camera moves from Julie to Ben.
  • When Jennifer was talking to Ben by the helicopter the stripes on Ben's sleeves are on both sleeves.
  • When Ben becomes Spidermonkey, the fans are standing in front of the cordon, even though they were standing behind it before the fight.
  • Kevin mutes the volume on the TV when he, Gwen, and Julie are watching the news about Bennifer. However, when Ben arrives and watches Harangue's news, the volume is automatically unmuted.
  • When Captain Nemesis was talking to his assistant, it is raining outside. But when Ben and Captain Nemesis fight Computron, it is not raining.
  • When Captain Nemesis shot a rope at Ultimate Humungousaur's arm, the rope on his arm disappears for a split second. But reappears in the next scene.
  • Although both of Nocturne's bodyguards are shot and fly backwards, they magically disappear throughout the fight and even when Nocturne kissed Ben.
  • Jennifer Nocturne and Julie fall down. Julie is on the right and Jennifer is on the left but next scene Julie is on the left and Jennifer is on the right.
  • The bridge in the race vanishes when Captain Nemesis beats Rath in the race.
  • The book title appears on the first shot of Gwen, Kevin and Ben, but vanishes for the remainder of the shots.
  • Gwen and Kevin knew where Captain Nemesis was, despite Ben being busy rescuing Julie and Jennifer.
  • During the competition, in one scene, the N on Captain Nemesis chest was miscolored.
  • Look closely when the thug flies backwards. Jennifer Nocturne is invisible in this spot.
  • The crowd standing changed from a cluster line into a single file line. This occurred both at the booksigning and at the party.
  • Spidermonkey flies on top of the building across the street. This however, is actually the same spot where Capt. Nemesis puts on his armor, but he is not seen.
  • The thug with the brown jacket frequently appears throughout the fight. There were two identical thugs being knocked out, one beaten up and netted and another holding Jennifer hostage.
  • The guns vanish after the thugs were being disarmed and brutally beaten.
  • How can Jennifer run up to Ben when he's a few feet from the red carpet? She was standing at the entrance and Ben was a few feet from the red carpet.
  • When Goop is about to go Water Hazard, he does a front flip and should have his back toward Overlord. However, once Water Hazard landed, he's facing Overlord.
  • When Ben was at the party, his jacket stripes are on the wrong side.
  • When Ben and Nemesis are having their race one of the placards the fans are holding read "I <3 BEM".


  • It is revealed that the DX Mark 10 has a voice command function.
  • In Cartoon Network Asia, the scene when Jennifer kissed Ben is censored.

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